Dynamic control 5 links Bipedal robot locomotion

(* == file is generated by another m-file in this simulator)

m_files/ ——————- where all automatically generated
m-files are stored
mat_files/ —————– where all the .mat files are kept

Animation routine:
anim.m ——————— animation routine
* limb_position.m ———- calculate limb positions for anim.m
even_sample.m ————– evenly sample the data vectors
* hip_vel.m —————- calculate the hip velocities

Control design:
symb_control.m ————- symbolic file to generate control
symb_param_constraints.m — symbolic file to compute the constraints
on the parameters to impose periodicity
* decouple_lap_red.m ——- decoupling matrix and other matrices
needed to calculate the control
control_synth.m ———— calculate control signal associated with
* dtheta_s.m ————— theta dot
* theta_s.m —————- theta

Zero dynamics:
symb_gen_zd_soln.m ——— symbolic file to compute the fixed-point
of the Poincare map
* alpha.m —————— z_2/kappa1
* beta.m ——————- kappa2
* alpha_beta.m ————- z_2/kappa1*kappa2
symb_zero_dynamics.m ——- main zero dynamics generation routine
* zd.m ——————— the zero dynamics of the biped robot in
(theta, gamma) coordinates
main_zd.m —————— routine for calling sim_zd.m for
simulating zero dynamic model
sim_zd.m ——————- odefile to simulate the zero dynamics in
(theta,gamma) coordinates
* zd_s_lift.m ————– lift from the zero dynamics states (in
(theta,theta_dot) coordinates) to the
full, 10-dimensional state
* zd_project.m ————- project from the full, 10-dimensional
state to the zero dynamics in
(theta,gamma) coordinates

Full dynamics:
symb_model_lap.m ———– symbolic file to generate full, 7 dof,
symb_model_lap_red.m ——- symbolic file to generate reduced, 5 dof,
* dyn_mod_lap.m ———— full, 7 dof, biped robot model
* dyn_mod_lap_red.m ——– reduced, 5 dof, biped robot model
main.m ——————— routine for calling odefile (walk.m) for
simulating full dynamic model
walk.m ——————— odefile to simulate the full model
bb.m ———————– Bhat-Bernstein controller
make_plots.m ————— makes plots of full dynamic simulation
initialize.m ————— model simulation initialization
* sigma.m —————— calculate the state of the robot as a
function of theta_dot at impact
* step_length.m ———— calculate step length
* swing_foot_height.m —— calculate swing foot height
* swing_foot_velocity.m —- calculate swing foot velocity
* hip_pos.m —————- calculate the hip positions
* head_height.m ———— vertical position of robot “head” (i.e.,
top of torso link)
* center_of_mass_red.m —– calculate center of mass of robot
impact_lap_red.m ———– the impact mapping
red2full.m —————– compute the full set of coordinates from
the reduced set
* stance_foot_vel.m ——– the velocity of the stance leg end
modelParameters.m ———- robot model parameters (mass, link
length, etc.)
* modelP.m —————– a file for the model parameter input
controlParameters.m ——– controller parameters
* kinetic_energy_red.m —– kinetic energy of the robot
* potential_energy_red.m — potential energy of the robot
symb_stance_force.m ——– symbolic file for generating the stance
force function
* stance_force.m ———– the forces on the stance leg end
* xi.m ——————— the circular matrix for coordinate
relabeling at double support
abs2lapin.m —————- coordinate change from absolute to the
Lapin (RABBIT) coordinates
calc_poincare_fp.m ——— calculate the fixed point of the Poincare
return map
print_controlParameters.m — print the controlParameter reassignment
print_modelParameters.m —- print the model parameters reassignment
print_function_header.m —- print the function header
print_model.m ————– print the dynamic model
print_sigma.m ————– print the sigma function
computing_the_Lagrangian.pdf documentation on computing the Lagrangian
for a link of a manipulator

fixlength.m —————- used in making m-files so strings don’t
extend over a specified length

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